News – Updates

24 May:

The Preliminary Course Data is available:


19 May:

EYOC training map nr. 3b ” Casele Micesti  – 1:10000″  similar to relay area was added to the Training Activities page.


11 May:

The scale for Sprint map will be 1:4000.

No personal transport is permitted by Long Distance and Sprint races
In the Sprint terrain, shoes with spikes are not allowed.


The weather can vary quite a lot in summer. You should be prepared for temperatures ranging from +10 C degrees with strong wind and rain to 30 C degrees with sun and calm wind, especially at relay area.

Due to the high temperature and rain the forest is full of mosquitoes.


Health insurance:
Tick–borne Encephalitis vaccination is recommended


Embargoed Areas
With reference to the IOFCompetition Rules (article 26.6), the embargoed areas are indicated on the accompanying map. Potential team members, leaders and others, whose knowledge of the terrain could influence results of the EYOC competition, are prohibited from entering these areas. However paved and asphalted public roads passing through the areas may be used.



EYOC training areas are available from September 2014 until 24-th of June 2015. EYOC training maps and terrains are allowed to be used only in the planned period.


Coordinates of PARKING PLACES are added on the training maps.


For the relay will not be Model Event separately. Highly recommanded is training map nr. 3 – Casele Micesti, where is shown a recommended training area.


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