Training Activities

Training responsible: Bogya Tamás
Tel.: +40 721 431 951


Updates / News

Coordinates of PARKING PLACES are added on the training maps.

The parking place for the map 9. Garbau Ovese is at: 46°43’25.9″N 23°30’31.0″E


The weather can vary quite a lot in summer. You should be prepared for temperatures ranging from +10 C degrees with strong wind and rain to 30 C degrees with sun and calm wind, especially at relay area.


Health insurance:
Tick–borne Encephalitis vaccination is recommended


A recommended training area for relay terrain is shown on training map nr. 3


Embargoed Areas

With reference to the IOF Competition Rules (article 26.6), the embargoed areas are indicated on the accompanying map. Potential team members, leaders and others, whose knowledge of the terrain could influence results of the EYOC competition, are prohibited from entering these areas. However paved and asphalted public roads passing through the areas may be used.


Opportunities for Training

The training maps are made by EYOC mapping team. Low-resolution previews are available on the website.


Please report your training intentions. It is obligatory to discuss all your training plans at least 3 weeks in advance with the EYOC training responsible. Please do respect that.


EYOC training areas are available from September 2014 until 24-th of June 2015. EYOC training maps and terrains are allowed to be used only in the planned period.


Risk of snow between early December and late March. In the Sprint terrain, shoes with spikes are not allowed.


EYOC 2015 Training Areas:

  1. Pater, 1:10.000/5m
  2. Fagetul Mocirlos, 1:10.000/5m
  3. Casele Micesti, 1:15.000/5m
    3b. Casele Micesti, 1:10.000/5m
  4. Garbau Sud, 1:10.000/5m
  5. Gilau Santuri, 1:10.000/5m
  6. Manastur Sud, 1:4.000/2m
  7. Manastur Vest, 1:4.000/2m
  8. Straja, 1:10.000/5m
  9. Garbau Ovese, 1:10.000/5m


Organised training opportunities


Training camps

For teams that are interested we are ready to offer further services, such as:

  • training camp layout suggestions
  • accommodation & catering arrangements
  • sightseeing suggestions etc.

Feel free to discuss your training ideas and needs to get your custom training camp offer.


Training fees, order & payment:

  • Laser printed 1:10.000 , 1:4.000 and 1: 15.000 offset printed maps with or without courses 3 EUR/ piece
  • Single OCAD map file , A4 format, 1:10.000 or 1:4.000 150 EUR
  • Single OCAD map file , A4 format, 1:15.000 200 EUR
  • EYOC training set package (all training OCAD maps) 1.000 EUR
  • Mounting of control points (with or without punching device) for organized trainings 1 EUR/ control point